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44175 W. Twelve Mile Road, Novi, MI    —    248-348-8762


Twelve Mile Crossing

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Where Shopping, Food and Fun come together.

Twelve Mile Crossing at Fountain Walk is where shopping, food and fun come together. An outdoor shopping entertainment complex, Twelve Mile Crossing at Fountain Walk offers a unique blend of retail, restaurants and recreation. Therefore, we are one of Novi, Michigan’s best spots to spend a day!

New Businesses at Fountain Walk

Kid Chemist: NOW OPEN! Kid Chemist is an educational program that revolutionizes the way children engage with chemistry. By blending fun, hands-on experiments with an innovative curriculum. Kid Chemist is dedicated to empowering young minds, sparking interest, fueling knowledge, and igniting confidence. Most importantly, at Kid Chemist we aim to inspire the next generation in the world of science in a fun and engaging way.

Kid Chemist offers weekly classes, summer camps, open play, birthday parties, field trips, assemblies and so much more. Visit www.kidchemist.com to learn more. 

Meat Moot Smoking: NOW OPEN! Headquartered in Turkey, Meat Moot Smoking has 27 locations in countries around the world. The Novi location will be the 3rd location in the U.S. At Meat Moot Restaurant, you will sit at a king’s banquet, you will be presented with a feast of garnished meat cooked following world class recipes that will always leave you wanting more. Meat Moot is introducing a whole new concept of great smoked meat to the market and combining casual dining with great and fast service. https://meatmoot.com.tr/.

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